Healthy Online Habits for Kids

After years of struggling with a bunch of complex parental control apps and features, we decided enough was enough. We wanted something that kept us informed on what our kids were up to online, but was as easy to use as plugging in the light.

That's just what we've created.

Simple to Start Up

Spotlite is 100% wireless, and starts working once you plug it in. No need to fuss with routers, filters, timers or system settings.

Up-to-the-Minute Insights

For the wifi devices you select, Spotlite tells you what sites your kids are visiting, the apps they’ve used and how much time they’ve spent online.

You're In Control

Spotlite's remote wifi controls, content notifications and usage timers give you the tools you need to encourage healthy online behaviors.

"Before Spotlite, checking in on what my kids were doing was exhausting. Now it's as easy as picking up the phone."
— Molly Gleason (boys 8 & 10)

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About the Team

Spotlite was created by parents like you who know about the challenges devices present in the home. Our team has decades of experience in online media, financial services, big data, distributed systems

... and raising kids to the best of our abilties.


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